10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

This Year’s Top Trends in Marketing Strategies

The rise in digital technology equates to new platforms for advertising. Online marketing campaigns also introduce you to a growing target market interested in your products or services. Using different applications will also provide you with higher results for your customers. Looking at this year’s top trends will also introduce you to the best opportunities to reach to the digital market.

5 scams to be aware of in 2017

Identifying the Top 2017 Scams

There are many that are in business of selling a false service or product to others. This results in a loss of money, identity theft and other serious issues from those who are victimized by the scams. Protection from these problems begins with knowledge of the current scams that are taking place. Familiarity with popular patterns for theft stops you from becoming a victim of someone performing a scam.

Protech Your Network from Cyberattacks

Prevention and Protection from Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity is one of the pressing issues with today’s technology. Protecting yourself from vicious attacks can save money and stop severe issues from occurring. Understanding the types of problems that are currently within society and protecting yourself from an attack is a consideration you will want to make.

Google develops invisible web security Captcha form

Hackers, spam and online security threats continue to create new challenges for Internet companies. To counteract the issues, Google has upgraded their security system to combat against robots and online interference. New upgrades to website security checks are monitoring the way humans interact in order to confirm legitimacy with online interactions.