5 scams to be aware of in 2017

Identifying the Top 2017 Scams

There are many that are in business of selling a false service or product to others. This results in a loss of money, identity theft and other serious issues from those who are victimized by the scams. Protection from these problems begins with knowledge of the current scams that are taking place. Familiarity with popular patterns for theft stops you from becoming a victim of someone performing a scam.

The rise in scams is based on fear tactics that cause an individual to respond. A popular method that is now being used is a false identity of the IRS. The claim is that you owe money for taxes or to the government. The individual will then take your information and money or will use your identity for theft. Similar to this are those who pose as debt collectors, informing you that you need to instantly pay a pending amount on a card. Often, this is taken from your current information, such as a credit card you may have, indicating a false amount to force a payment.

The approaches with scams have also found a stronghold in the world of business. Often, employees will state that they can provide a service or product to someone as an employee. Once hired, they ask for an upfront payment and never return the services or products promised. Others will try to sell a product online and will fail to deliver the products once the purchase is made. It is noted that billions of dollars are lost each year from these particular forms of scams. A category of it’s own that continues to accelerate with scams are sweepstakes and contests. After collecting your information to win a prize, scammers will steal your identity or require bank details to wire money which is never received.

Protection from identity theft or someone draining your bank account begins with knowledge. Awareness of the current trends in scams will also stop you from becoming a victim of theft. Understanding how scammers identify themselves and tracking information before you send details will prevent you from losing money or being hassled from identity theft.

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