10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2017

This Year’s Top Trends in Marketing Strategies

The rise in digital technology equates to new platforms for advertising. Online marketing campaigns also introduce you to a growing target market interested in your products or services. Using different applications will also provide you with higher results for your customers. Looking at this year’s top trends will also introduce you to the best opportunities to reach to the digital market.

Social media is one of the top trends in reaching the customers that you want. However, the way that you use the social media platforms makes a difference in results. You will want to be consistent with the information offered while using pictures and graphs to attract attention. Having a stream of information will instantly attract others to you. You will also want to look at real time social media videos, specifically to create personal and professional interactions with others. To build this more, consumer ratings on social platforms can assist with attracting others to your business.

The dominant approaches of social media are furthered with interactions you create on your website. If you want to upgrade your online platform, then you can look at SEO. This year, voice driven SEO is dominating the market, providing new and easy ways for individuals to remain ahead of the competition through voice recognition. A popular marketing tactic for websites also includes funnels, which allows customers to sign in for specials available for a limited time. Many will also add in chatbots to their site, offering live and online interactions when a customer visits the site. This offers a personal touch while building trust on the website that someone is visiting.

Reaching out to the digital crowd expands to marketing campaigns that are more efficient for your online business. For instance, content marketing tactics remain popular for businesses. Articles, blogs and other applications that are placed on other websites and point to your information attracts the attention of traffic. It is known that combining this with data and statistics is a rising trend for businesses. This provides professionalism and legitimacy with the website that you are a part of. Many will also extend to mixed ads that are on websites or banners that link to you.

Another trend that is a must for every marketer is mobile. The majority of customers use mobile phones to receive information and to communicate with others. The result is a spike in advertising available to those who are interested in expanding their target market. You will want to look at mobile applications, ads and other opportunities to add an extra ring to your marketing strategy.

Marketing campaigns are continuing to expand and change with the rise in trends and customer reactions. If you are in business, you will want to look at ways to plug into the digital platforms available. This will introduce you to new target markets while allowing you to develop a noticed online reputation.

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