Google develops invisible web security Captcha form

Hackers, spam and online security threats continue to create new challenges for Internet companies. To counteract the issues, Google has upgraded their security system to combat against robots and online interference. New upgrades to website security checks are monitoring the way humans interact in order to confirm legitimacy with online interactions.

Security for many websites is a central issue. Robots and cyber attacks continuously take place online, leading to complex issues. Programs currently use Captcha, a security check which asks if an individual is human. Usually, computers have the inability to answer the questions, creating instantaneous security. While some of the Captcha’s work, many robots have found ways to interact with the security, damaging the online information. This has led to new attempts to stop robots and potential threats from accessing secure areas of information.

The new system developed by Google uses a human approach to track spam and potential threats. Puzzles and captcha programs have been developed to identify specific human interactions. Captcha programs are using puzzles, such as identifying photographs or numbers that are both random and unique. The approach has extended to artificial intelligence algorithms which adds photos and receives human input for verification.

The initial attempts for high security by Google has extended to a re-Captcha system to simplify the process for users. A simple check box is now being placed in secure areas that one simply clicks for verification. If the interaction is by a human, then Google recognizes the process while a robot would not have the same format for clicks. Suspicious activity then triggers the Captcha puzzle to weed out potential security threats.

With the increasing use of technology are also advanced security threats. To change the conditions with Internet hacking, Google has introduced upgraded features through a Captcha system. This offers identification through human interaction, allowing the number of threats and attacks taking place online to reduce.

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