5 Tips for Attracting Followers to your Company Page

Engagement with your business now relies on social networks that assist with building your brand identity. Getting followers to your company page on Linked In is an essential way to expand your brand recognition.

Social media strategies assist you with developing a strong company page while effectively attracting others who are interested in your services and products.

A personal profile on Linked In is used specifically to develop a personal reputation based on your credentials. A company page extends this, allowing followers to look at business updates, content and growth of your company. Most who follow other businesses online have stronger engagement and a sense of loyalty, specifically because of trust that is built through the continuous updates displayed on the social media network.

To effectively develop followers and interest of your business on Linked In, you will want to boost the company page. The first step to this is to connect employees to the page. Your internal team assists with instant followers while creating stronger brand recognition. You can continue this with promoting the page with emails, newsletters and blogs that allow potential customers to follow your business. Many will add a “follow” button to company names, developing an instantaneous link for networking. This offers direct leads to those who are interested in your company and want to learn more.

User engagement is also integral to the development of the company page. You will want to reach out to other groups, communities and individuals that have a direct interest in similar products and services. By commenting and participating in other group discussions, you will easily be able to develop popularity for your own company. Many on Linked In will also expand with follow ad campaigns, specifically to target those who may be interested in products or services. This becomes a network update for more followers, allowing your users to expand rapidly.

A direct link to your brand identity online offers recognition that becomes loyalty. Developing a Linked In company page that actively engages others and builds followers can assist with your brand identity. By following simple online marketing strategies, you will easily be able to use Linked In for your online business presence.

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