How to Get at Least 500 More Google+ Followers in a few days

Expanding your network and online platform offers a strong online presence. Google + is one of the keys to connecting through social media.

Using this platform as a central component to your name or business brand also assists with creating a global network. Understanding ways to increase your Google + following also assists in developing global recognition.

The foundation to your Google+ profile is key to getting noticed. You need to have a platform that is attractive, interesting and expressive. Tag lines, introductions and pictures make a difference of whether someone follows you. You will want to add into this by following others. Unlike other social media platforms, Google+ allows you to have unlimited connections. Following back others and adding others into your circles that you find interesting will assist with expanding your reach for your online presence. You will want to divide circles by interests and niches, specifically to add into the conversation while creating an attraction to your profile.

You can build on the foundation of your Google+ profile by reaching out to others. Joining communities that are on Google+ will assist with interactivity, interests and connecting to others. You can look at different types of communities, such as larger numbers of individuals, active platforms or those that are based on your niche interests. Combining this with activity and linking to your profile will immediately assist with building your online presence.

To complete your social media efforts on Google +, you will want to build your activities. Posting everyday with specific interests will assist with others that want to follow you. Interacting with others will also assist with building followers and interest, especially if it is a trending topic that you participate in. You can find more options with hashtags and trending topics that lead you to special topics. Tools such as Ripples are designed specifically to engage in trends and to use them strategically to add others to your profile.

From first impressions to trend building, are simple ways to build your social media presence on Google+. Continuity in posts as well as linking to communities will instantaneously build your reputation while extending your network.

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