7 Ways I Got More Twitter Followers

Building your online brand identity and personality begins with your network. Social media sites, such as Twitter, allows you to expand into global placement while finding connections that may be interested in your business.

Using Tweet tactics will assist you with finding others that have similar interests and likes. These 7 tips will help you to build your network through Twitter.

1. Location Connections. Twitter has a large database of individuals and businesses, making it difficult to connect without direction. If you mention locations, then you will instantly narrow searches and connect with others in that location. Connecting with local businesses, news and cities will instantly build back other followers that are in similar regions.

2. Mention The Smaller Businesses. You not only want to advertise what you have to offer but also build a support system with others online. Tweeting small brands or entrepreneurs will instantly get a response from the smaller brands and easily leads to retweets from others who need the support.

3. Strategically Mention Bigger Companies. If there is a trending brand that is larger, then you will also want to mention them in replies or in your own Tweets. This will get others who are following or mentioning the same company, allowing you to create the connection you desire.

4. Maintain Your Posts. Services such as Buffer can be used to schedule articles instead of posting everything at once. Effective Twitter users will post a minimum of 3 – 5 times a day and instantly time out tweets to find different followers at key times of the day.

5. Highlight Individuals. Other writers, bloggers and businesses are always looking for exposure. When you recognize them through your own tweets, it will not only assist with helping others build exposure, but will assist with getting likes and follows back on your own Twitter account.

6. Get In the Network. Twitter isn’t only about your personal tweets and interests. It is inclusive of starting conversations with others that have similar interests. Replying to tweets, mentioning users and commenting on other tweets will build recognition with those that have a direct interest in your account.

7. Expand Your Online Horizons. Writing your own blog on your website or through Twitter is able to provide you with an individual voice. You can expand this by writing guest blogs for further exposure. This helps you to build your online ranking and introduces you to new Twitter followers that may have been out of your network range.

With simple activities to your Twitter account, you will easily be able to build more followers. Being proactive and joining conversations allows you to build your account, followers and identity online.

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