Introducing Anti-Ransomware Beta Software

As technology expands across the globe, cyber security becomes integral to daily functions. Threats to computer systems continue to advance and cause issues with those who are interested in the Internet, software or hardware.

Currently, users are required to combat against ransomware, a technology virus that stagnates your computer. Issues with CryptoLocker, CryptoWall and CTB Locker, while protecting against viruses, may not help with ransomware threats that attack your computer.

Ransomware is known as one of the most damaging systems to a computer and to users. While most understand the issue, it is difficult to get the attack out of the system. If you download a ransomware file, then it instantly infects your PC. It automatically takes all your data files and encrypts them with an alternative code so you can’t access them. The only way in which you can recover and restore your information is to pay a ransomware author for your files. If not, you will lose access to everything you held on your computer. You have so many days to pay before they are permanently locked.

The issue with ransomware is from the advanced encryption which is used. Most older systems that are available to defend with cyber security are not able to hack into the ransomware files. Often, backup systems fail and saved files are lost. Even if you have online backups through the cloud or other systems, it will lock, stating that the file is corrupt and cannot download securely. The complexities expand with automatic updates everyday, polymorphic codes which shape shifts and impossible measures to detect when there is encryption taking place.

To begin reversing the damage, companies are offering programs to reverse the damage. A cyber security program which now provides a solution is EasySync Solutions, started by Nathan Scott, who also created Crypto Monitor. The solution for anti-ransomware technology includes Malwarebytes, specifically which can break the encryption codes and reverse ransomware. As the top anti-ransomware technology, it offers a complete break in the hazards which take place from the virus.

The functions of EasySync Solutions include monitors that detect ransomware before they target your computer or files. It then blocks encryption from taking place before they start. It also looks at Malwarebytes as a solution to defend your computer against harm. If you are at a threat from infections from CryptoLocker, CryptoWall or CTB Locker, then this software can trigger a defensive response for complete protection.

CryptoMonitor was doing an excellent job of stopping ransomware at that time, but Malwarebytes started to have a few ideas of their own, they acquired EasySync Solutions and hired Nathan to come work on stopping ransomware for Malwarebytes. Nathan has been leading the anti-ransomware technology development at Malwarebytes for the last few months.

Malwarebytes have announce that after months of late nights and a few hundred gallons of Red Bull, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware is ready for beta testing. You can find more information about participating in the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta HERE.

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