9 affordable marketing ideas for restaurants to get more customers

The success of a restaurant depends on those who enjoy the food being served. If you are expanding your customer base, then you will want to look at marketing initiatives that will get results. Using a variety of tactics ensures that more customers will be interested in filling their plates with your specialty dishes. Following these 9 tips will instantly assist with your restaurant’s success.
  1. Become a Local Presence. The location of a restaurant immediately offers customer interest to those involved. By getting involved with the surrounding community, others will become interested in your food. Sponsoring local team games, schools or charities will instantly assist with building your local identity.
  2. Get Into Community Networks. The Chamber of Commerce to business networks are designed to support and assist small businesses. By developing your community presence, you will easily be able to guide potential customers to your favorite recipes.
  3. Promote Events. Most restaurants stay open because of continuity of good food. However, you can expand your presence with events that compliment your restaurant. Customer appreciation, grand openings, live events, holiday specials and theme parties are some of the popular ways to expand those interested in an experience while dining out.
  4. Use Traditional Advertising. Events, specials and features of your restaurant can be highlighted with advertising tactics. Signs, banners, coupons and flyers can be used to highlight your restaurant and to grab the attention of those interested in a new food experience.
  5. Connect to Social Media. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In are some of several social media outlets that spread the word about your business. You can increase engagement online by building an online audience, highlighting your local presence and showing specials for your restaurant that will reach out to a new audience.
  6. Get Customers To Remember You. If someone comes to your restaurant, you will want to collect their email for future reference. You can also look at other emails that may be available through your network or which are online. Sending email messages with specials or interesting content can assist you with building an appetite of potential customers.
  7. Get Listed. There are several websites that are known to boost business recognition through online listings. Newer websites, such as Yelp, Foursquare or Restavista allows you to list your business. This is followed by customer reviews and pictures, allowing you to build popularity based on feedback from your latest meals.
  8. White Pages. One of the oldest formulas for local marketing is to get listed in the phone book. Today, you can get listed in a local phone book for recognition. You can also look at online White Pages to offer similar information about your business as well as reviews, guiding the hungry customer to their next destination.
  9. Engage the Media. Newspapers, PR, TV and radio always have a space to announce restaurant specials. If you have an interesting story, event or are new in town, then you can easily utilize the media to bring more customers to the table. Today, untraditional formulas, such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out) are used for ghostwriters, allowing you to submit stories based on specific topics.
Marketing strategies allow you to build strong brand recognition for your restaurant. If you are trying to find new ways for customers to enjoy your favorite dish, then building attention through different channels or tactics will assist with your restaurant becoming a success.

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