How to promote your business on Instagram with 5 Tips

Target your fans and build your brand with digital marketing. An effective online platform that is growing exponentially is Instagram. With over 500 million active users, you can easily reach interested customers while highlighting your products and remaining ahead of your competitors. Not only does Instagram offer possibilities to reach an extensive audience, they also offer budget friendly alternatives for any business size. Following are five tips to use when beginning to promote your business through Instagram.
  1. Create a Spotlight. Your audience will be browsing through Instagram images and concepts through several viewers. To stand out from your competitors, make sure your products are highlighted and informative through the art of visual content.
  2. Extend Your Platform. The most popular use of Instagram is the photos that can be uploaded. If you offer a service or want to expand information, then you can also look at adding videos that are one minute in length. You can also consider Instagram Reports to collect images and videos, allowing you to edit and promote business highlights. These each support informative and colorful explanations of your business products or services.
  3. Build Your Brand Identity. Your profile name and headline should be relevant to your business. You want to follow this with profile images that are complimentary to your business. Each image or video is a link to your brand identity. By offering streams of pictures you will easily be able to build your brand image for others.
  4. Use Hashtags for Discovery. Hashtags allow you to categorize and identify your pictures and videos. You will want basic tags as well as campaign based options for your company. This will help potential customers to discover and identify with your business.
  5. Create Connections with Products. The picture based platform not only allows you to add finished products. To connect to potential customers, you can create a storyboard of your process for products. Showing storyboards, brainstorms and the process of creation with each product or service will highlight your professionalism and develop a collage of pictures that tell a story.With a consistent strategy, you can develop your customer base through Instagram. The possibilities through this network is continuing to grow in popularity. The ability to highlight pictures and videos while connecting to an expansive and global market has businesses and individuals tapping into the network for more opportunities.

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