Do You Have a Plan to Chase Google?

Every website owner strives to reach the top rank on Google’s search engine results page for keywords relevant to their business.

The coveted top spot means incredible exposure and more traffic. It is not easy to reach the top, because all website owners strive for the same thing. Many people consider top spots so impossible to reach they warn against even trying. Even if your website does not reach that coveted number one spot, the methods used to go for it still result in greater website recognition and, ultimately, profit.

Build Inbound Links from Quality Sites

Any link from a relevant website back to yours not only can improve search engine ranking, but attracts a whole new set of viewers. The link is a vote for your site; it shows that the site it’s on thinks your site offers something of quality. Two methods of building inbound links are by contacting site owners directly and by offering articles that include a resource box with link to your website. Guest blogging is a prime example. Many website owners welcome others writing on their sites if they offer quality content or if the favor is reciprocated.

Offer Relevant Content for Free

People search the internet for information, either on its own or prior to a purchase. Sales pitches do not bring in traffic. Content does. The more free, good-quality articles or blog posts you have on your website, the more likely Google is to rank your site higher. More importantly, visitors will find something of use there and will return another time, or value you enough to buy a product or hire your services.

Chasing after high Google rankings requires activities – link building and content creation – that give value to a website even without top level search engine results.

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