What Does a Twitter Ad Really Cost?

Twitter is a power tool of social media, allowing you to turn your advertising efforts into a greater return. However, you want to budget costs with Twitter, allowing you to promote your business brand and the trends associated with this.

Twitter offers three main types of advertising, all which are designed to help you stay in your budget and to build a following that creates results.

The first type of ad is a promoted tweet. This is something that you have already tweeted and want to boost for more attention. Typically, these ads cost $.50 – $4.00 per engagement. You can define interests of who sees the promoted Tweet by demographics, such as gender, geography and even the type of device that they are using. You only pay the amount when someone clicks, replies or retweets your promotion.

Promoted accounts are another strategy that many use to define their business and promote their brand. In this particular option, you will pay the same cost of $.50 – $4.00 when someone connects to your account. Similar to a trending Tweet, you can target your market by demographics. For every new follower, you will be charged $2.50 – $4.00 depending on the campaign that you set in motion for the account.

If you want your tweets to be heard with an investment that brings in a flock of return, then you can work on the high level of investment with promoted trends. In this scenario, you are guaranteed a placement in the trends section of Twitter for one day. The cost of this is $200,000 per day and requires strategic planning. You will need to contact Twitter to schedule the trend, beginning with adding in the hashtag you want to link back to your account. You can expect this to come with a return from exposure to millions of Twitter followers, creating a link back to your profile and to your brand identity.

These main approaches to advertising on Twitter are guaranteed to get results. When you pay for the advertising at any level, you will gain exposure to your target market and potential leads. You will have more individuals following you for an extended period of time and can analyze those who are interested in your profile or specific Tweets relating to your business. If you want to drive results to your business, begin with a chirp through paid advertising on Twitter.

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