Ways To Plan Successful Website Redesign

For a web developer, a website revamp is no less serious than developing website from the scratch. We learnt it while redesigning our own website sometime back. There can be a number of hurdles and these include:

There can be a number of hurdles and these include:

  • Short deadlines- With an outdated website, sales and lead generation takes a backseat.
  • Inadequate resources- We cannot stop client projects while our website revamp project is on.
  • Conflicting ideas- Our partners differed in their opinions. However, the bottom-line is,
    with all these hurdles, the website revamp should go on.

Way to redesign your website successfully

To ensure our company website revamp goes smoothly, we followed a different mindset from the beginning. We followed the identical process we resort to when revamping client websites. Read on to find out what we did. It involves a 6 step process.

plan-your-site Step 1: Defining the target audiences

You need to figure out the type of viewers who will visit the website first. This can include current buyers, prospective lot, media, rivals and even industry people. You also need to think of their time of visit, duration and browsing habit etc. It is also necessary to note if they mostly use mobile devices or PC because the website have to be optimized accordingly. We did take note of all these aspects.

Step 2: Setting objectives and goals

At most times, the goal of website revamp is to generate new leads and ours was no different! For this purpose, we focused on demonstrating work samples, using resourceful blogs and using call to action links and buttons throughout websites.

Step 3: Making a sitemap

A handy sitemap helps when you revamp an existing website and we developed one. We made the sitemap from the website we had. For convenience of work, we renamed some sections. While top level navigation pretty much remained the same, sub sections had to be changed.

Step 4: Asking for an estimate

Like what we do for any client website revamp, we asked the staffs for estimates on:

  • Strategy
  • Page design
  • Writing and SEO
  • Project management
  • Site development
  • Quality assurance testing

Of course, we stuck to the newly developed sitemap for estimates.

Step 5: Setting a budget

Setting a budget for website revamp is prerequisite and assumes paramount importance. The budget also gets affected by factors like working hours for the project.

Step 6: Clarifying roles and responsibilities

Website revamp is no cakewalk and so it is important to be clear on responsibilities of each person involved in the project. There has to be someone in the team who can be a decision maker and we were lucky to have one too! This eventually helped in keeping the entire workflow streamlined and the scope for confusion got obliterated.

After the aforementioned steps are accomplished, you can get initiated into the actual site revamp process!

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